Aiguille Power Solution
    "We are Star Stuff Harvesting Sunlight."
    Solar power is Clean, Renewable and Cost Effective.
  • T8 fluorescent lamps
    We're your Commercial LED lighting specialists
    40-100W LED replacement bulbs
    U Bend LED
  • 7
    Busbar Trunking System
    Installation any type of Busbar Trunking System
  • Electrical Consultancy
    Diesel & Gas Generator
    Inverter & Online UPS
A successful project requires careful analysis, strategic planning and professional support, combined with your company needs & goals.

Who We Are

Aiguille Power solution is one of the fastest growing distributors and solution providers in the country. We have grown a reputation over the years for our quality, innovation and industry leading service and support. Our Power Solution portfolio includes solar energy, Generator, Online UPS, Bus Bar system, Industries and Commercial building.

Solar Energy
We offer expert technical support in addition to wholesale pricing. we have five years of experience designing PV systems.
Aiguille Power solution is a power servicing company dealing various Diesel/Petrol generators and other electrical appliances.
Gang Switch
Levin Gang series are made from 100% virgin polycarbonate, using the highest quality pigments. Covered by levin standard Warranty.
Online UPS
We provide mid-size, three-phase UPS system that delivers premium power protection for the increasing loads in today’s server rooms and data centers.
Electric Waring
We are the leading Service Provider, Supplier of Electrical Fitting Service, Building Construction Services .
Our BBT solution included Site survey, Requirement Analysis, System Designing, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning etc.

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